Saturday, November 6, 2010

Random Saturday Autograph- Tony Arnold

Tony's smiling(?) face has been staring at me from my scanned cards folder for about a year now, but I've just never had much to say about him. Thank you Random Saturday Autograph feature for being the perfect outlet for a player like Tony. 

Tony pitched for the O's in 1986-87 and appeared in 38 games out of the bullpen. He finished 13 games during that span but never recorded a save. And that was it for Tony's time in the Majors; he finished with a 0-2 record and a 5.06 ERA.  

He has been a Minor League pitching coach for the past 20 season, including the last 17 in the Indians farm system, and filled that role for the Hi-A Kinston Indians during the 2010 season.  I went to at least one  Frederick Keys-Indians game this past season and normally I check to see if any of the coaches are former Orioles, but I overlooked Tony somehow. 

I'm pretty sure that I got this card in a trade with fellow Orioles autograph collector, Pol, who sent me a ton of autographs last year. Tony signs pretty well TTM too but was never included in a major release, so this Crown card is his only non-minor league card. His signature is absolute crap, I can't really even tell which end is his first name.  No offense Tony, but I don't feel like you've signed THAT many autographs over the years.    

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