Monday, August 13, 2012

1995 Orioles Debuts, #550-573

Way back in June, I began to group former Orioles players by their debut years as a way to show off some of my autographs that have slipped through the crack since the start of this blog. After waiting about a month since the last one of these posts, I'm back at it. Here are the old posts if you want to check them out (200120001999, 1998, 1996). 

Bret Barberie #550, 4/26/95 (1995)

Andy Van Slyke #551, 4/26/95 (1995)

Kevin Bass #552, 4/26/95 (1995)

Matt Nokes #553, 4/26/95 (1995)

Jesse Orosco #554, 4/28/95 (1995-99)

Doug Jones #555, 4/28/95 (1995)

Kevin Brown #556, 4/29/95 (1995)

Jeff Manto #557, 5/4/95 (1995)

Jeff spent nine seasons in the Majors between 1990-2000 and was a true journeyman, having played with eight different MLB teams during that time. The 89 games he played for the '95 O's were far and away the most he ever played for any team during a single season. After his playing career ended, he spent time as a minor league coach and manager and rose all the way to become the White Sox hitting coach prior to the 2012 season. 

Curtis Goodwin #558, 6/2/95 (1995)

Curtis played five years in the big leagues for five different teams and was best known for his blazing speed. He is also apparently cousins with Gary and Walter Payton. 

Cesar Devarez #559, 6/3/95 (1995-96)

Terry Clark #560, 6/8/95 (1995)

Mark Lee #561, 6/9/95 (1995)

Gene Harris #562, 6/20/95 (1995)

Gene was a relief pitcher whose career lasted from 1989-95, and his three appearances with the '95 Orioles were his last big league appearances. He is probably best remembered for being replaced by likely future Hall of Famer Trevor Hoffman as the Padres closer during the 1994 season. It's a role that Hoffman wouldn't relinquish for many years.

Gregg Zaun #563, 6/24/95 (1995-96, 2009)

John Desilva #564, 6/27/95 (1995)

Jeff Huson #565, 6/27/95 (1995-96)

Jeff spent twleve seasons in the majors as a utility infielder and had the luck to play in both Nolan Ryan's 7th no-hitter and Cal's streak breaking 2131 game. He played in 83 games during the 1995-96 seasons with the O's, and it's awesome that he was included in a certified autograph set as the Orioles utility infielder. I wish they still made certified sets like that! 

He is currently a Rockies' broadcaster so I might try to send him a TTM request sometime to see if he would personalize a card for me.

Rick Krivda #566, 7/7/95 (1995-97)

Scott Erickson #567, 7/9/95 (1995-2000, 2002)

Joe Borowski #568, 7/9/95 (1995)

Bobby Bonilla #569, 7/29/95 (1995-96)

Jim Dedrick #570, 8/12/95 (1995)

Jarvis Brown #571, 9/1/95 (1995)

Mike Hartley #572, 9/3/95 (1995)

Mike pitched in over 200 MLB games between 1989-95, mostly with the Dodgers and Phillies. He appeared in just three games with the '95 O's in what would prove to be his final MLB action. Over the past five seasons, he has been coaching baseball throughout Europe, including in Germany, Croatia, and Italy. I didn't even know that they played baseball in Europe, but I'm all for it!

Jimmy Haynes #573, 9/13/95 (1995-96)

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