Friday, August 14, 2009

Catching up on O's Alumni Signings in time for tonight's 1989 "Why Not" alumni signing

I know that I have somewhat dropped the ball on showcasing my Orioles Alumni pictures and autographs. So today I am going to cover the most recent signings that I failed to blog about.

As a refresher, the Orioles have been holding these signings at every Monday & Thursday home game this season in the MASN tent on Eutaw St. Between two & four former Orioles and coaches show up for an hour, between 1.5 and 30 minutes till first pitch, to sign for fans. It has been awesome and a major boon to my project over the course of the season. Without further delay...

Monday July 27-Ross Grimsley, Gary Roenicke, John Habyan & Ken Gerhart

Gary Roenicke Ross Grimsley

Ross was a very nice guy. He smiled at most of the fans and was joking around with people. Gary showed up late and definitely acted like a former ballplayer. In my brief encounter with him, he seemed a little full of himself.

Ken Gerhart John Habyan

Ken was a nice guy, and joked with Kalina that he was going to charge her for signing with a blue sharpie. John seemed cool, but a little quiet. I feel like Ken looks the same as he does on the 20 year old cards I was having him sign while I wouldn't have recognized John at all.

Thursday July 30-Larry Sheets, Jimmy Williams (1B coach from 81-89) & Bill Swaggerty

Larry Sheets Jimmy Williams Bill Swaggerty

Since this was a day game, Kalina was in charge, and I wasn't at this signing. But I have met Sheets and Swaggerty before and they were both nice. I keep trying to type Sheetz as opposed to Sheets. Maybe I'm hungry, I don't know.

Monday August 10- Dick Williams, Joe Durham & Billy Hunter

Dick Williams Joe Durham Billy Hunter

Joe & Billy have done this other times this season, and Billy is especially nice. I felt bad for these older guys since this was a very hot day.

Getting HOFer Dick Williams to one of these signings was a big deal. He normally charges something like $35 per auto so I was pumped to get my card signed for free.

Dick was just elected to the HOF last year; but for his time as a manager which wasn't with the Orioles, but he was on the O's during his playing days. Since I just visited the Hall, I said something like "I was just at the HOF and got to see your plaque. I thought it looked pretty good." To which Dick replied "So did I." Funny stuff. I also found it humorous that Dick was drinking a Heineken Light during the signing. (It's not pictured above because he was hiding it under the table.)

Tonight is a 1989 O's mini-reunion signing, with Mickey Tettleton, Mike Devereaux, Dave Schmidt & Dave Johnson all signing on Eutaw St. I hope to see you there!

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