Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A couple autographs from the A's & Angels homestand

For some reason, my autograph motivation has been low these past few weeks. It's not that I'm being lazy about it, but I think the heat is wearing me down. It could also have something to do with all of the losing baseball I have seen this year; I have no idea. That's not to say that I haven't had a few successes...

Gio Gonzalez was cool and came over to sign for the fans during the Oakland series. I really like all of the loops in his signature which is facilitated by the multiple G's & Z's.

Andrew Bailey was also talking to someone he knew along the third baseline but since the A's warm-up shirts don't have names or numbers on them, I ID'ed him too late to get his auto.

Torii Hunter made Kalina's day on Monday by signing her Bowman Heritage card. He signed for a bunch of the fans on the field and then continued to sign at the home plate side of the dugout. Go Torii!! This is the second time the Angels have been in Baltimore this season and the second cool thing he has done. Now if only the Orioles were competitive against the Halos...

I also wish I got my own Torii card signed. I accidentally thought it was a Gary Matthews card when I glanced at it upside down. Oh well, I'm sure he will sign when he's back in town next season.

Joe Saunders knew one of the Angels fans in attendance so he was signing down the third base line. I managed to get his autograph after he signed for said fans. His signature reminds me a little bit of Paco Figueroa's due to the loops & such.

Bobby Abreu also signed at the end of the Angels dugout. I was right there but had no card. And I didn't even think to get him to sign my ticket. I told you I was off my game. It must be the heat.

Stay cool everyone!


zman40 said...

I hate it that most players wear jackets for BP nowadays. It sure makes it difficult for the average autograph collector.

zman40 said...

Also, I just found out that I should be attending an O's game on Sept 16. We should try to meet up and get some 'graphs.

Orioles Magic said...

That would be cool, I could show you around Camden Yards if you haven't been here before. I also have a good ticket connection if you wanted some comped seats. Also, I sent you a package today, nothing autographed but a bunch of Royals cards, so hope you like them and can use them.