Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pictures from the Skydome (or Rogers Centre for those of you who want the proper name)

During Friday's game, we sat in left field right above the Blue Jays bullpen. Why did we not sit above the Orioles bullpen in right field? The answer is two-fold.

1) We were not aware that the Orioles bullpen was located in right field.
2) Right field did not offer as close of a view of Nolan Reimold, which Kalina liked.

Why, hello Nolan.

Brandon League was chilling out in the elevated section to watch the game.

While some other relievers chose to watch the game from the field level.

Alex Rios was still a Blue Jay during this series.
He beat the Orioles up and I wish he had been waived earlier.

This screenshot is from MASN's broadcast of Friday's game.
The rudimentary Paint job is all me; I know I'm not artistic, OK?
But it does show you how close I was to Rios' HR.

The CN Tower is next to the SkyDome and offers some awesome views of Toronto.
It is ridiculously high up there.

The Jays have large video screens in left and right center fields along the outfield walls.
This is showing the O's lineup.

We only stuck around for Sunday's game to see Matusz pitch in his second Major League start.

We probably should have just left since it wasn't a great outing. But we like to think that Matusz knew that we had to get back to Maryland and didn't want to stay in the game too long for us.

Well, that pretty much wraps up the trip to the Hall of Fame and Toronto. I hope that you enjoyed seeing some pictures of Canadian baseball.

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Dawgbones said...

1st off, neat pictures. I hope to catch a Phillies game this year. I've only been to 4 "professional" baseball games. All of them the Tides (there's your Orioles connection). The last time I went, this past summer, a foul ball came in our direction, I was tossed up bewtween wanting to try and catch it, and wanting to NOT get hit by the damned thing!! I guess I like sitting closer to the pitching action, than to the other end of it(ie. where the ball goes after the hit!)