Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Calzado & Castro

I recently purchased autographs of these two former Orioles from an online seller who specializes in obtaining autographs of Dominican baseball players. As has been my experience, tracking these guys down after their playing days can be very tough. Most Latino players seem to disappear after they retire and I rarely can find a good address for them, even if I knew how to mail something to them internationally, which normally is not the case. International shipping is beyond me.

Napoleon Calzado 2005

Napoleon Dynamite, uh I mean Calzado played in a grand total of four games for the O's in 2005, and that was the extent of his MLB career. He has played baseball around the world since his time with the O's but it seems unlikely that he will make it back to the Majors.

Bernie Castro 2005

Castro, by comparison at least, had a much more substantial MLB career, and appeared in 24 games for the '05 Birds. He also played 42 games for the Nationals in '06. Castro had been in the Padres system before signing with the O's, hence him being pictured as a Padre. He also has cards featuring him in a Nationals uniform but not a single card pictures him as an Oriole. So this card will have to make do for my collection.

Something that I find interesting about these two guys is that Calzado appeared in 1/6 the number of games for the Orioles as Castro did, yet Nappy has at least three Orioles cards whereas Castro has none. It's very possible that none of you find that even remotely interesting, but I do and you can't change my mind! No way, no how!

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