Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Training Successes- Orioles Card Edition

Here's the beginning of the autographs that I got in spring training. I normally try to avoid displaying so many cards in one post but stick with me on this. All of these are signed Orioles cards, and are either the first time I got that player to sign in person, or their first Orioles card that I have signed in my collection. I would say that this group of cards are my best auto-ccomplishment from Sarasota.

I have to start with two players that have been a thorn in my side for the past year. I recently obtained autographs of them both via trade and a gift but this was the first time that they signed for me in person.

I finally got the elusive "Koji 19" autograph that had evaded me for a complete season. He was also one of the last signatures that I got in my time at Ed Smith Stadium. As was the case on the other occasions that I saw him signing, he started signing far from where I was and I had to make a break for him, but this time, I finally got what I wanted.

I had few opportunities to get Alfredo's autograph since he was injured very early last season and was rarely with the team after his April surgery. I had to call out his name a few times before he reluctantly came over to sign, and he signed for only a few other people and me.

This next group of guys had their first Orioles cards produced after the 2009 season.

Including unlicensed 2010 UD cards of Chad Moeller and Justin Turner.

Whereas UD did a respectable job of hiding any glimpse of the O's logo on Moeller's card,

the Bird logo on Justin's helmet is clearly visible.

I bought the 2010 Topps Heritage team set in the week before I flew south which worked out well since it included Kevin Millwood's and Garrett Atkins's first O's cards.

Millwood is obviously wearing an Orioles uni but I have no idea where the picture may have been taken. Kevin was discussing golf with Scott Moore when he signed this and had just spoken to Dick Vitale, who was on the field during warm-ups.

I'm skeptical that this is actually an Orioles uniform since there is no way that Heritage had the time to take a picture and get it into a set that came out before Atkins had likely ever broken a sweat for the O's, but at least it's not obviously a Rockies uni on an "Orioles" card. This works for me!

Tillman had a few Orioles cards come out in late 2009 sets but this card is perfect for an autograph. He also signed the FanFest picture that Kalina had of the two of them, and said something about that when he signed it.

This is from the 2010 Topps When They Were Young insert set and is the only card to date that shows Berken in an Orioles uniform, even though it's focus is of him as a kid.

This is Kam's first Orioles card and it's from the Bowman Chrome set. I like it even more since he is wearing an orange uniform; the picture was probably taken during spring training last year. Although he doesn't have a great autograph, at least it's close to what is pictured on the card.

I mentioned that Scott had been talking with Millwood about golf. It sounded like both of them are pretty proficient at it and were talking about which other O's could hold their own against them. Scott has only spent a little time in Baltimore and was on the Tides' DL when I went to Norfolk last year, so this was one of my first chances to get his signature.

Somehow, I didn't have a Bordick in-person autograph in my collection. I really like this card of his because of the action shot and the textured laces that are visible in the top left and bottom right corners. Mike also nicely personalized a card for Kalina, who was always a big fan of his.

Sorry again for the long post, the next few Spring Training auto posts should be shorter, but I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my successes.


Anonymous said...

Is Bordick in minor league camp or major league camp?

zman40 said...

No need to apologize about a long post. The more autographs, the better. It looks like you did pretty good on your trip. How was the weather for you. It seemed like it rained part of the time you were down there.

2010 UD- the one thing I liked about UD is they put out cards of people that Topps never does, ie Chad Moeller. Too bad we won't be seeing a series 2.

I think that you posted a Millwood autograph from Fanfest. I guess I never realized how unique his signature is. It is pretty cool.

BUT, my favorite of the bunch is the Berken card. I have no idea who he is. But, when I first saw those cards in person, I knew that I had to have at least one of them signed. Nice job on that one.

I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the loot and I hope that all the posts are as long as this one.

night owl said...

Wait, you're apologizing for a long post with a lot of scans?

People don't like that?

I'm in deep trouble.

Orioles Magic said...

Bordick is an instructor in the Major League camp for Spring Training but I believe he will be a roving Minor League instructor during the regular season.

zman & Night Owl- You guys are both right, the apology was unnecessary. If I start showing this many cards in each post, I might one day finally make it through all of my O's autographs.

zman- I agree with you about UD, they always did include some less known players that Topps ignored.
And thanks about the Berken card, my plan had been to ask him about the old picture they used but he was swarmed and I didn't get the chance. I have another copy that I hope to be able to ask him about sometime this season.