Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Training Contest Updated- It's Almost Ovah!

I have once again updated my spring training contest standings. You can check it out here, or at the top of the blog.

The Rays continue have the best record (18-7) but the Indians, Giants, Braves, Cubs and Padres are still within 2 games and could easily overtake Tampa Bay.

At this point, I am ready to declare that the following teams are officially eliminated: the Pirates, Nationals, Rangers, Reds, White Sox, Mariners, Orioles, Angels, Yankees, A's, and Diamondbacks are all at least 6.5 games back of the Rays with only 6 games to go.

Good luck to all of you that picked a team that can still win it all!


SAinPA said...

What happened to the Phillies? How can they talk about threepeat when they can't win spring training?

Orioles Magic said...

haha, they were doing very well for the first few weeks, but not so much anymore.