Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Terry Clark & Mark Lee

I have always grouped these two guys together for multiple reasons, namely that they were both relatively obscure relievers who pitched for the O's during the 1995 season. Also, I have Orioles signed postcards from them, and non-Orioles signed cards. And that pretty much sums up why they've always been grouped together in my mind, so I will continue to group them together on this here blog.

Terry Clark was on the O's for a majority of the '95 season and appeared in 38 games as a reliever, finishing 12 games and compiling one whole save. He went 2-5 with a respectable 3.46 ERA. As you can see on his Orioles post card, he always sported a pretty serious 'stache.

I think that his signature looks like he signs his name "Ty Celail", but I like the way he has a fairly legible signature and the T-y combo in his first name looks pretty damn cool.

This is "one of those cards that list him playing for one team while showing him in another team's uniform" that I really don't care for; he pitched for both the Royals and Astros in 1996 so I guess he did switch teams mid-season at least.
Terry has been a pitching coach in the Indians and Rangers organizations more or less continuously since 2000 and is currently serving in that capacity for Texas' AAA team, the Oklahoma City Redhawks. His son, Matthew, was drafted by the Pirates in the 28th round of the 2007 Amateur Draft, so I guess he is a good coach, or at least a good dad. I had a good dad too, but was never athletic enough to play anywhere about Little League. I'm thinking something like "those who can't write, or at least attempt to".

Mark "Unibrow" Lee appeared in relief in 39 games for the '95 Birds, finishing 7 and also accumulating one save. Hey, there's another similarity between these two! Mark had a better record (2-0) than Terry did, but his ERA was nearly a run and a half higher (4.86). So I don't know exactly what to make of that, but I guess Mark just got lucky with that perfect record.

Also, his nickname isn't Unibrow, but I had to say something. C'mon Mark, take some pride in your appearance on photo day!

This is a great picture, truly amazing, of a pitcher holding a bat like he's never done it before. Now, one must remember that the Brewers were still a member of the American League in the early '90s and with Mark being a reliever and all, he never even had a single at-bat in his time in the Majors. I know that most baseball players are good athletes and I would assume that Mark batted at some point over his career, but it certainly looks like he had forgotten his batting stance. I like to think that the photographer didn't know if Mark was a pitcher or position player and Mark was in no mood to help him out, so WHAMMY, we have this awesome picture.

Mark's signature looks like her signs Mark L__, but I think it's pretty good for a Major Leaguer.

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