Sunday, May 1, 2011

The 2011 Orioles Walk-Up Song Project Update #1

UPDATE- Thanks to fellow Orioles autograph collector Austin mentioning that the O's have walk-up song info on their website (and Zach for saying the Royals do the same), I've been able to add quite a few songs to the list below. However- I don't think the Orioles have been updating the list (I know Andino's song has already changed) so I will continue to verify the accuracy of everything.

So I don't know about any of you, but I've always been interested to hear what walk-up songs different players have when they come up to the plate or enter the game. I feel like it can tell you something about the player or at least gives the fans some insight into what music the player likes. I've also heard that some players just have a member of the team staff select their walk-up/entrance songs, but I like to think those guys are a minority.

My goal is to figure out all of the walk-up songs for the Orioles' hitters and entrance songs for all O's pitchers.
I've done this to some extent in the past just for fun, but this year I'm being assisted by my iPhone's Shazam app, which "listens" to any music that is being played and tells you what the song is and who performed it.

Here's what I have so far, with YouTube links to the songs if available. As you might guess, some links might contain explicit lyrics, you can probably figure out whether you want to click them or not.

Brian Roberts- "Don't Waste Your Life "Lecrae ft. Cam & Dwayne Tryumf
Nick Markakis- "Deliverance" Bubba Sparxx
Derrek Lee- "All The Lights" by Kanye West & "The Second Coming" by Juelz Santana*
Vladimir Guerrero- "Calabria"  Enur ft. Natasja
 Luke Scott- LUUUUKE Intro or "Rock You Like a Hurricane" by the Scorpions*
Adam Jones- "I'm Illy" T.I.
Matt Wieters- "Kick It" Manafest
Mark Reynolds- ???
Robert Andino- "Black N Orange" Dboi Da Dome, E' From Da Wic, Jay Luv
Felix Pie- "Hasta Abajo" Don Omar
Jake Fox- "I Use What I Got" Jason Aldean*
Cesar Izturis- "Hypnotize" by Notorious BIG

Jeremy Guthrie- "Never Say Never" Justin Bieber ft. Jaden Smith (this one hurts, Gut)
 Brian Matusz- "God's Gonna Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash* (As of 2010, hasn't pitched in 2011 yet)
Jake Arrieta- "Bad Company" Five Finger Death Punch
Chris Tillman- "For Whom The Bell Tolls" by Metallica*
Brad Bergesen- ???
Jason Berken- "Right Now" Van Halen
Mike Gonzalez- ???
Jeremy Accardo- ???
Josh Rupe- ???
Clay Rapada- ???
Chris Jakubauskas- ???
Jim Johnson- "The Pretender" by Foo Fighters
Koji Uehara- "Sandstorm" Darude*

Kevin Gregg- "TNT" AC/DC

I'm not positive about these, but the songs have been played for the players at least once

JJ Hardy- "Driven to Tears" The Police

Zach Britton- "Seven Nation Army" The Oak Ridge Boys

* Indicates song info came from list on O's website and I haven't confirmed that it's still correct

I plan to keep updating this throughout the season and will add more songs as I figure out who uses what songs.


Matthew said...

I think the coolest, most intimidating walk-out song I've ever heard was the one George Sherrill used to come out to. Blood, Milk and Sky by White Zombie.

So sick!

Orioles Magic said...

Matthew- I agree. It was unusual but badass too. Good stuff.