Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rich Amaral, Is That You?

Since I always prefer to have an Orioles card signed whenever possible, I was faced with an interesting problem with this card.

You see how it says Rich Amaral on the right hand side? And, if I understand how this MLB Showdown set/game(?) works, those are presumably his stats in the bottom right corner. But that sure isn't a picture of Rich Amaral.  

This is what Rich looks like, MLB Showdown. 

 So who is the guy pictured on the card up top? It's none other than...

Yep, Ryan Minor. 

Other than the fact that both guys played for the Orioles in 1999-2000, I don't think they look much alike. Not to mention that Amaral is listed at 6' 175 pounds, while Minor is 6'7", 225. So the body type is a little different too.

As you could probably tell, that IS Rich Amaral's signature on the card at the top of the post. He was nice enough to sign it for me even though the card doesn't picture him. I mentioned something to that effect in my TTM request, so he didn't think that I thought it was him, if he cares about that sort of thing.

I've seen pictures of an Amaral Orioles postcard that actually pictures Rich, but I haven't been able to get my hands on one. If I do, I will send it his way to replace the Frankenstein card up top.


Anonymous said...

Now I want to get one of those MLB Showdown cards signed by Ryan Minor - it might just top the signed college basketball card I have for uniqueness/weirdness.

- Paul

night owl said...

This reminds me about when there is lengthy confusion over how a local athlete's name is spelled so us newspaper guys finally corner the kid and say, "how's your name spelled?" and the kid shrugs and says, "It doesn't matter."


My guess is Amaral knew the photo wasn't him, shrugged, said "it doesn't matter" and signed the card.

Orioles Magic said...

Paul- Minor is a coach with the Delmarva Shorebirds and I've thought about taking this for him to sign. Just haven't remembered to do it yet.

NO- That's hilarious, how can it not matter how someone spells your name? Around Baltimore, our announcers seem to have a harder time coming to a consensus on how to pronounce player's names, especially ones like Jakubauskas.

Billy said...

Now here's my question- Since I collect Ryan Minor cards, do I include that "Amaral" in my Ryan Minor collection? I'll have to find a copy somewhere and put it in with the others.

Orioles Magic said...

Billy, I've got a few extra if you want one. Email me!