Sunday, June 6, 2010

Collecting Caleb Joseph

I have decided to start collecting Caleb Joseph's baseball cards. The main reasons for this are that he seems like a really nice guy and that my mom likes him. My family stayed at the same hotel he did on our Spring Training trip this past March and one morning at breakfast, Caleb happened to drop his fork as my mom walked by his table. She picked it up for him and he was politely appreciative, so she's been a fan of his since then (she likes polite people). He is also a former blogger; last summer while with the Frederick Keys he wrote about his experiences in the Minor Leagues, including his occasional sleeping in the clubhouse overnight. The blog has since been deleted but it was a great read while it was up.

This post, reportedly Caleb himself, is from Orioles Hangout and addresses that blog:

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Caleb Joseph is a rookie fresh out of training camp.

This is Caleb Joseph

I'm not new to the hangout by any means but I am new to posting. I'm only going to post one time and then delete my name, but I wanted to say a few things.

I wanted to finalize all the speculation on my blog. For the better of the Orioles, Keys, and myself I have decided to delete the blog. I didnt get a chance to explain that to the people that visited it, so I wanted to take a minute to thank them.

All of your comments and nice things you said will not be forgotten and I will always remember how fun it was to get on there and read all your comments and questons. Thank you again to all my fans for your constant support; it will always be remembered.

Take Care Now,



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I plan to ask Caleb about his blogging experiences the next time I see him. I made it to a Baysox game this past Wednesday night, but didn't really get a chance to talk to him. However, I did get a chance to ask him if he collects his cards, and he responded "Oh yeah". I gave him one of my 2010 Bowman Chrome doubles and he passed it to his family who seemed to have a good time checking it out.

Until 2010 Bowman came out, I think that all of Caleb's cards were in Ironbirds and Keys team sets and these 3 cards are the only cards of his that I know of. If you know me and this blog, you shouldn't be surprised that they are all signed. That's fine by my Caleb collection too.
Now since he was in this year's Bowman set, he has a base card, a base chrome card and a whole rainbow of refractors of various colors. I am not going to drop a lot of coin on this collection and I don't think that too many people are collecting him at this point, so it shouldn't be too hard to pull off. But if anyone has some different Caleb cards, please send them my way!


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A person named Kart REALLY like this post!

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I'm glad that someone did! Thanks!

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I may be able to help you out with your project I will check you need list for cards. I do have a question do you collect the orioles team postcards I have a bunch of those signed but wasn't sure if you could use those let me know and I can check my doubles of those too. my email is drop me a email so I have your email Thanks, Dion and thanks for checking out my blog!!