Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Collective Troll is Awesome

But you probably already knew that since he's one of the best traders/all-around good bloggers that I have come across in my 15 months in the blogoverse.

He recently displayed these Markakis and Battle of Trenton Cabinet cards on his blog and I got in touch with him quickly. You can't tell here, but these puppies are huge! I don't have the measurements but I would guess that are 10" by 6" or something like that.

Even though I'm not a Markakis collector per se, that card was too great to pass up. It looks like he is swinging his bat trying to ward off the coming apocalypse or something.

The Battle of Trenton card is for Kalina since she's a social studies teacher and likes that kind of thing. I have to admit, George Washington was a pretty awesome guy.

He also threw in this postcard sized Cal from his current group break. Troll's break isn't over yet, but since he was already sending me some other over-sized cards, he smartly took the opportunity to include this guy. Cal really was a Master of the Game. I miss him, and those Orioles teams he played on. If you look at the back of this card, which I didn't scan (facepalm), it seems to indicate that it is actually a postcard, not like I would put this through the USPS gauntlet.

And to top everything off, he threw in two giant stacks of Scott Kazmir cards for Kalina. She always gets so excited whenever she gets cards, so this package was double awesome! Here are some of her favorites:

Thanks again Troll for the awesome cards. If you haven't checked out his site, click one of this links in this post. He's all about the Rays, and is a great guy/blogger.


Collective Troll said...

Awesome is an overstatement... Decent would be more appropriate... Glad you and Kalina liked everything. Go Rays!
btw, the word verification is
"nabinat" like rhymes with cabinet... Cheers!

kasliwi said...

Thanks so much!!!!! I was supposed to do a guest blog to thank you myself, but it's been a busy week

The cards definitely made my day, though!

Thanks again!