Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Did You Know That Ozzie Guillen was Briefly an Oriole?

That's right, Ozzie played in 12 games for the O's in 1998. By then, his best years were far behind him and he was nearing the end of his playing career. These days, he is probably more well-known/infamous for his over-the-top managing style than his accomplishments on the field, even though he was the '85 AL ROY and a 3-time All-Star.

Somehow, those 12 games in the black and orange earned Ozzie 3 cards depicting him in an O's uniform; this beautiful 1998 UD (what is that background?!?), a Paramount and an Ultra. He probably had that many Orioles cards since he was a well known vet who started the '98 season with the O's and it probably didn't hurt that there were still about 50 card companies at the time, but it's still amazing that he played 4 games for the Birds for each of his different Orioles cards.


PaulW said...

Interesting considering some guys have played for seasons and don't have a card. I'm glad that companies like Tristar are around though that make quality cards.

Also, I sent out your package today. I'm not sure if you got my last e-mail, but they're finally on the way.

unclemoe said...

Huh. Nope don't remember that. Nice card.


Orioles Magic said...

Paul-Yes sir, I did, but just hadn't had time to respond yet. Thanks for sending them out. I have your cards ready to go, I just need to hit up the post office sometime this week to get stamps.

Moe-Glad to drop some knowledge on you man.

JoesAutographs said...

hey Ryan,
will you be going to the ty Wigginton signing on 6/10 at the Wendy's in Linthicum. If so, could you take 2 cards, one for you, one for me (both Orioles cards). I will be out of town and unable to go, whuch sucks because its right by my house. LMK


Billy said...

Did you send this TTM? I just found this card and was gonna send it out to him but I wasn't sure if he signs.