Monday, January 31, 2011

Contest Winner Announced

The Earl Weaver autograph giveaway celebrating my Orioles Hall of Fame week was an amazing success. It was by far the most popular contest I've held and it led to record site traffic and a huge number of contest entries. 241 to be exact.

How in the world were there that many entries considering that only 46 people were in the contest? Well, on Monday, I wrote this:
If you comment on this post, you get an entry. If you are a follower and comment on this post, you get a second entry. If you have your own blog and spread the word about my contest, you get another entry, just share the link in the comments below. There is also a bonus way to earn entries, but I'm not going to say what it is. (Hint- Participate throughout the week.)

Many of you picked up two or three entries immediately. That was the easy part. But those of you who commented on my posts throughout the week picked up two bonus entries for every comment you left. I was only accepting relevant comments, but everyone stayed on topic, so they all counted. If anyone had commented on any of the older posts that I linked to throughout the week, they would have scored ten bonus entries, but that didn't come into play. I wanted to reward everyone who was leaving comments, because it helps me to know what you all think about my posts.

I know that at least a few of you figured out how to score bonus entries. dawgbones cracked the mystery early on and racked up a ridiculous 35 entries. But unfortunately for him, it wasn't enough.

Without further delay, here's the results of the Earl Weaver autograph contest via

Congratulations to Paul of Paul's Random Baseball Stuff.  He wins the Earl Weaver autograph and a stack of Mets cards. Thank you everyone who entered. I hope that you all enjoyed the contest and Hall of Fame week.


Paul Hadsall said...

Thanks Ryan! This is the best news I've had so far this morning. :)

Dawgbones said...

Congratulations Paul. This was a lot of fun, and I believe Randombaseball stuff was one of the first commenters on the contest post. I am happy to have participated, and found out at least one of the secrets of the bonuses. Have a GReat day. Wnjoy your bounty there Paul!!

Collective Troll said...

Congrats Paul! And thanks for a fun contest giveaway!

Orioles Magic said...

Paul- I'm glad to pass along the good news.

I'm glad that everyone enjoyed it, even if there could only be one winner!

zman40 said...

Congrats Paul!

And thank you Ryan for running such a fun contest!

SAinPA said...

Congratulations Paul.

Cool contest Ryan. I really enjoy learning new facts about my favorite O's players. Keep up the good work

Matthew said...

Congratulations, Paul and thanks, Ryan. As others have already said, it was a lot of fun just participating. I'm glad to be a part of the community you have created.

unclemoe said...

Congrats, Paul! Thanks, Ryan!


Orioles Magic said...

I'm glad that you all enjoyed the contest. I will probably be doing the spring training contest again this year.