Saturday, January 1, 2011

Random Saturday Autograph- Jimmy Myers

Jimmy Myers has to be one of the lesser names ever included in a Major League autograph set. I don't mean any offense to him, but he was a 10 year Minor League veteran by the time that Leaf decided to include him in their 1996 Signature Extended set. Besides this card, he only was in two other Major League sets, '96 Fleer update and '97 Ultra, meaning that 1/3 of his big league issued cards were autographs. It's nice for me and my collection that Jimmy was in this set since no collecting sites seem to know where he has lived since 2007. Wherefore art thou Jimmy?

From April 6-May 5, 1996, Jimmy pitched 14.2 innings in 11 games for the O's, finishing five of them, and had a 7.07 ERA. And that was the extent of his time in the Majors. From 1987-99, poor Jimmy pitched in 532 Minor League games over 13 seasons for eight different organizations, but only got to the Bigs for one month. At least he made it, even for that short amount of time. 

Oh yeah, Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

I love the 1996 & 1997 Leaf Signature sets... if a player was active in either year, there's a decent chance of obtaining his signature. :)

Happy new year Ryan

Orioles Magic said...

These sets are perfect for us autograph collectors.
Happy New Year to you Paul!