Friday, December 31, 2010

Unpossible Autograph Friday- Ken Lehman

Of course 2010 couldn't end without the news of another former Orioles player passing away. About a month ago, I broke down how bad 2010 has been in regards to deaths in the O's family, and I had to add an unfortunate addendum to that when Walt Dropo died 2 weeks later. Little did I know at the time, but Ken Lehman had passed away on December 4th.

If you read his obituary that ran in the Seattle Times, it sounds like Ken was a great guy, and extremely humble. His wife had passed away on November 11 and it sounds like the grief of losing her might have been too much for Ken to handle. No cause of death is mentioned, but that's the implication.

From a personal standpoint, it's hard to lose the players who were nice enough to sign my TTM requests, as it gives me a very brief connection to them; Ken signed this card specifically for me. He returned my request in only ten days back in the summer of '09, which is especially impressive as the card had to travel to Washington State and back.

Ken pitched five seasons in the Majors from 1952-61, including the '57-58 seasons with the O's.

RIP Ken.


Anonymous said...

That's a sad note to end the year.

Hopefully 2011 will be better.

SAinPA said...

Let's all hope that 2011 will bring success to the upgraded O's and that you will have continued success with your blog, your collection and with the upcoming "Big Event".
Happy New Year!

Orioles Magic said...

Thanks guys!