Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Kalina!

My wonderful fiance is celebrating her birthday today, and I wanted to wish her a very Happy Birthday.

Kalina, did you know that you share your birthday with three former Orioles?

Jose Morales

Archie Corbin


and Jim Hoey, who you certainly know the best of your fellow celebrators

From the way things are going, Grant Balfour could become the 4th Oriole to share your birthday, if they end up signing him this offseason as rumors have it.

Also, HOFer Sandy Koufax was born today in 1935 and is definitely the most accomplished player who shares your big day. I'm about $200 short of Sandy's signed HOF plaque card, so you'll just have to picture what it looks like in your head.



kasliwi said...

Happy Birthday, Jose Mirales, Archie Corbin, Jim Hoey, and Grant Balfour!

SAinPA said...

Very cool! Great job on the custom cards GCRL!