Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wal-Mart Mojo

Putting those two words together just sounds wrong but I bought a hanging jumbo pack while out shopping last night and definitely picked the right pack.

To be completely honest, Kalina pulled this card. But how cool is it?

I was probably happier with these three O's cards, especially the Hughes since it's his first Orioles card. 
This is an example of my black and orange sickness.

We also pulled a bunch of inserts.  

By my calculations, that's at least nine awesome cards from a $5 36 card pack. This might have been one of my favorite packs ever.


Anonymous said...

Not bad at all :)

(I know I would be happier with the base cards of players from my team than the numbered insert of the hot rookie, no matter how awesome a card.)

SAinPA said...

What a good pack!!!

unclemoe said...



Orioles Magic said...

Thanks everyone. Now I just need to get Hughes to sign his card for my collection.