Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bad Traders- A Rant

I'm sure that most of you fellow bloggers and some of you readers have come across a bad trader during your time collecting cards. Whether it was a kid on the playground who always wanted Ken Griffey Jr. for Chris Sabo, someone who never fulfilled their half of a trade, or a collector who thinks that their cards are worth so much more than yours, unfortunately, bad traders are out there.

Over the past fourteen months or so, I've been trying to work with a very difficult trader who somehow thinks that his cards are worth much more than mine. And on top of that, it takes a few months and multiple emails to get any sort of response from the guy. He seems to think that he's the only person in the world who has a Jim Hutto Orioles signed card.

 Well he's not. Now I have one too.

After months of emails, I was able to work out a trade for one player I needed last December. Since then, it's been fruitless emails & trade requests, some of which were replied to, while others were flat out ignored. I've attempted to work out another trade but calling his communication sporadic would be a compliment.

 Oh look, another tough Orioles autograph. (This is a drab looking card, isn't it?)

I'm above naming names, but I would imagine that some of you other Orioles autograph collectors know who I'm talking about. After about two months of non-response following one of his emails, I sent an ultimatum to my frustrating trade partner last week. I either wanted to trade or be done with "our" discussions. If you don't want to trade, that's fine, but just say it and stop jerking me around. You might have a few tough Orioles autographs that will be hard to find elsewhere, but I can find Pete Burnside Crown cards elsewhere brotha.

He surprisingly responded to my final attempt to contact him and it looks like we won't be doing any more "trading". But you know what, I'm glad. I'll let some other poor sucker waste a year of their life for a single autograph. You just keep hoarding all your cards and I'll be a happier person without your three emails a year. 

Anyone feeling me, or did I go off the deep end?


PhaLe28 said...

Great post, i really felt the anger. Sometimes trades just don't work out but no reply, is ridiculous. one advice i got from another blogger is just to forget them by trading with someone that you have traded with before to get the rid of the bad vibes. works for me and i always seem to throw in a little extra on the next trade just to 'wash' myself of the bad vibes.

hope your next trade is better - any chance you have any Marlins to trade for, i am easy to trade with and i could 'rid' you of all those bad vibes...lol....take care.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya man, I know who you're talking about. Surprisingly, I just worked out an 11 card trade with him...only took about 3 months too. But I definitely understand the frustration.

Fuji said...

Great post! I totally feel your pain... I usually will be straight up & tell the person, I don't see us seeing eye to eye. This hobby is one of my "happy" places and I'm not about to let a unrealistic trader rain on my parade.

By the way... I'm glad things worked out for you in the end. Hopefully, he'll read this post and get something out of it.

Collective Troll said...

I feel you for sure....
I don't know who specifically you are talking about, but we all know "that guy".
I worry sometimes that I come across as "that guy". There are bloggers all over the spectrum that I owe cards to and I start feeling really bad, but it isn't that I think my cards are worth more, its generally cuz I want to get them the most stuff possible...
On the flip side there are a couple of big named bloggers out there who have owed me for a very long time. I don't sweat it or try and contact them about it. I assume that like me they are very busy and one day I will have a Carl Crawford 1/1 waiting in my mailbox from them. I know you get excited when you find an auto you've been hunting for, but if someone has a card you know that they have signed more than one... Weed out the jerks and wait for the real collectors and build a solid relationship that is mutually beneficial and fudge 'em!
Oh and by the by, you should expect a package from me early next week. It WILL make you smile...

Orioles Magic said...

Thanks for all of the support guys. This post really helped me get past my negativity towards this bad trader.

My "that guy" is a fellow Orioles autograph collector. So it's unfortunate that in small number of people who collect what I collect, one of my best possible trade partners is actually the worst.

AdamE said...

I've only had a few bad online trades. For the most part they don't bother me cause I'm not sending anything really expensive or anything. There has only been one that I sent something to that really bothered me because of what I sent. (it was to an Os collector too, coincidence??) Not long ago he offered me a trade and I said well you can send it to me but if you remember what I already sent you, you are not getting anything back. I didn't get anything in the mail. It just teaches me whom not to trade with anymore.

I have to admit all the good ones out weigh the bad.

Sometimes I worry that I might honestly forget a trade when I have a bunch going on and get on someone’s bad list. Hopefully they say something because I'm not really trying to stiff them I could possibly have just screwed up.

Play at the Plate said...

Like the Troll, I worry about being that guy because I'm so dang forgetful lately. I really try to keep in contact through email to make sure the people I owe cards too don't fall through the cracks...I hope I'm not the guy the Troll is talking about, but I'm not a big time blogger so maybe not.

Orioles Magic said...

AdamE- I'm glad that you put your foot down. It was about time I did the same.
PATP- Being forgetful is one thing, but ignoring a trade partner is much worse.

gcrl said...

i can't say i've had a 'bad' online trade - there have been some trade attempts that didn't pan out, and like the troll, there are a few bloggers out there that never sent me anything back, although i did contact a couple of them and they promised to send their stuff but never did. that part is frustrating, but thankfully it's a small part.
on the bright side, my former steve garvey ebay nemesis has a blog now and we have completed a trade. so there is hope.