Monday, December 20, 2010

Need A-ccardo of Jeremy

On Friday, the Orioles announced that they had officially signed former Giants & Blue Jays righty Jeremy Accardo to a one year contract.

If you can excuse my bad play-on-words in the title of the post, I need some cards of this guy. He doesn't have many cards overall, especially not in sets that I've collected, with the exception of 08 Topps.

And if someone really wants to make my Christmas, this autograph from 08 Topps Finest would look great in my stocking. It might not be the most visually appealing of his autographed cards, but it's the only on-card autograph that I could find. (Picture clearly and obviously stolen borrowed from COMC.)


Anonymous said...

good pickup for the orioles. he should helping out our bullpen that was hurting at the end of the season.

SAinPA said...

Check your mail box about Thursday.
Merry Christmas

Orioles Magic said...

I totally agree. He's definitely an upgrade over Albers.

And thank you! I can't wait!