Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Orioles Fanfest, Thank You Justin & Set Needs- Updated Twice

Orioles Fanfest autograph vouchers went on sale this past Saturday morning at 10am. Since it used to be free, I'm not happy that you now have to pay $15 to get an autograph at each station, but it's nice to know that you are guaranteed to get an autograph of who you want. It was definitely a crapshoot in past seasons. Only 250 vouchers were available for each station, so I thought they would sell out fast. Luckily, I got vouchers for the four stations that I wanted, and surprisingly, there are still vouchers available for 13 of the 15 stations as of this afternoon. So much for them going fast.

My goal was to get an autograph of all the new Orioles who will be in attendance and to finally get my Matt Wieters SI signed. Assuming that everyone who is scheduled to be there actually shows up, I should achieve my goal. Matt Wieters, Kevin Gregg, Jeremy Accardo, Mark Reynolds, JJ Hardy, and Willie Randolph are among the signers who I should be able to add to my collection. For whatever reason, Derrek Lee isn't scheduled to attend, but at least I already have his autograph.

Since each station has 3-4 players/alumni scheduled to sign, I will be passing by a few players who I don't need for my collection. If anyone out there is interested, I can get you an autograph of any of the following players:
Jake Arrieta- Aaron
Troy Patton- Paul
Boog Powell- Paul
Jason Berken- Austin
Brad Bergesen- Ryan
Dick Hall (x2)- Zach- 1
Craig Tatum- Austin

Updated again with spots filled - Still have 1 Hall spot left

I just request that the item your item be small (card/postcard/3x5), that you include a SASE, and that you get it to me by January 29th.

Justin, of Justin's World  fame, deserves a major THANK YOU for sending me a huge package of 2009 Topps cards, and some cards for Kalina and my player collections. Thanks to him, I'm now only 12 cards away from finishing the set. Very cool stuff! If you've never seen his site, Justin collects Cubs, Colts & Grizzlies cards. Just watch out for that Grumpy Blogger!

Also thanks to Justin, I got up the motivation to update my set needs page. It's always linked at the top of the left-hand sidebar, or you can just click the link there. I pretty much have collected Topps' base & Updates sets as well as Topps Heritage over the past few years.  There are a few sets that I am very close to completing, like 08 Topps (1 card left!), so if anyone can help me out, I woudl really appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

I have cards of Jake Arrieta, Troy Patton and Boog Powell that I would like to get signed.

Orioles Magic said...

Sorry, already have a taker for Arrieta, but I have you down for Patton & Powell. Shoot me an email if you need my address.

zman40 said...

Hey Ryan,

I had to work about 13 hours today and missed this post by a bit. However, Royals Fanfest is this weekend and I found a Jamie Quirk Crown card that I am going to try to get signed for you. I was going to make it a surprise until I saw this post. I'm down with a Berken or Hall autograph, but I don't have any cards of them. If you have any extras of either, I would gladly trade you a signed Quirk Crown for a signed baseball card of either Oriole. Let me know what you think.

Of course, if I miss out on Jaime this weekend, I will let you know about it.

That is too bad that the O's are charging for autos this year, but I like your tenacity. If the Royals charged for theirs, I doubt that I would go.

Orioles Magic said...

Hey Zach- That's really nice of you, thanks for trying to help me out with Jamie! It would be nice to get him on the Crown card. I still have both Hall spots open, so I will get you him. The Berken spot is already filled but I have a few extra autographs of his, so will send one of them your way. I would gladly trade them both for Quirk, and will probably send them your way whether or not you get him since I have another stack of cards to send to you.

And believe me, I seriously considered staying home this year, but my dad and I have gone for years. It's been our tradition, so I can't break it. I just won't stand in the autograph lines all day like I used to do.

Yankeejetsfan said...

Wish I could make this. I need Randolph's auto for the Yankee PC badly.

Good luck. Can't wait to read your blog on the fanfest.

unclemoe said...

It would seem very appropriate if I sent you 2008 Topps #621. Consider it done.


Sumosid said...


Looking for help with a minor league card of Troy Patton. Please let me know if we can work something out. Thanks.

Jeff (Sumosid)

Orioles Magic said...

YJF- If I already had a Randolph, I would try to help you out, but this will be my first. If you want to send me your card, I can try to get it done during the season. Shoot me an email.

Moe- Sweet. And yes, very appropriate.

Sumosid- Which card are you trying to get signed? Check my trade list, it might be there as I got Patton to sign a number of cards when he was with Bowie in 2009.

If it's not there, email me. My Fan Fest spot is already filled but I can try during the season.