Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tradin' with Troll

It's a rare thing for me to post trades, let alone two days in a row, but that's what I'm doing today. I shared my end of a trade with GCRL yesterday and today I'm showing off what the always giving Collective Troll sent my way.

The best part of the box that Troll sent was that he included cards/items for both me and Kalina. She did a guest blogging post to thank him a couple weeks back and now it's my turn. I have to start out with the more surprising and unusual items he included.

Like these two 14 year old starting lineup Orioles figures. My dad and I collected most of the Cal SL figures, but we never expanded to the other Orioles. These two have piqued my interest into possibly collecting all of the Orioles who were featured. But in addition to my bobbleheads, shelf space is a bit tight around the house already so I might need approval from Kalina before I start on this one...

He also threw in a few Cal card "packs" from the heyday of card production when you could buy cards in cans, tins, barrels, coffee mugs, and water bottles. Of course I kid, but only slightly.

Troll also threw in some awesome vintage O's and many of my 2009 Topps & Heritage set needs.
As I mentioned at the top of the post, Kalina already thanked the Troll for her cards, but we didn't have anything scanned at that point.

He included this awesome Nyjer Morgan autograph,

some really nice Carlos Pena cards, including this bat relic, and a HUGE stack of Scott Kazmir cards, including probably 10-15 jersey patches. 

THANK YOU so much Troll. This was an amazing trade package and we have a box with your name on it set to go out, hopefully by this weekend. Oh, and congrats on being a new grandpa! Atlas is a lucky boy!


Yankeejetsfan said...

Wow! Score! Love the SL's. I have a few Yankees in my collection. Unlike McFarlanes, I always thought they looked better in the package. Congrats on a great trade.

Orioles Magic said...

Thanks man, I've actually been trying to decide whether to take them out or leave them in the package!

Collective Troll said...

I think those two would look cool in or out of the package, but since I kept them boxed for so long I couldn't open them myself...
Hope you and Kalina had a happy new year! Cheers!

Dawgbones said...

The Troll always has good stuff going on down there in Fl. I opened my Phillies figures, which just fit under my monitor stand on my desk at work. They look awesome in what my boss is now call the "Phillies Shrine"