Saturday, March 26, 2011

Orioles Bobblehead of the Week- Cal 2131

The picture does all of the work one this one. It depicts my favorite Oriole commemorating my favorite memory from during his long career. Footage of his 2130 & 2131 games still get me, and probably always will.

This bobble was given away on at the O's game on July 24, 2007 and was the second of three Ripken bobbles given away that season to celebrate Cal's induction to the Hall of Fame. I'll show off the first giveaway some other time, while the third was only given to season ticket holders and has somehow eluded my collection to this point.

The back of the box shows off some of his impressive stats during "The Streak". I wish the O's had another player somewhat like Cal. I still miss knowing that you could always count on seeing him play, every single game of every season. There weren't any off days when you might miss getting to see your favorite player. Ah, when the O's were relevant. Hopefully we are moving back that direction.


zman40 said...

That is an awesome bobblehead. Thank you for trading me one of them!

Orioles Magic said...

Anytime man! I'm always happy to swap bobbles.