Wednesday, March 9, 2011

TTM Successes- Pat Hentgen

Kind of continuing the facial hair post from yesterday, here are a few TTM autographs of Pat Hentgen. Both cards show him wearing a horseshoe mustache, which certainly pushed the "mustaches only" facial hair policy to the limits. Yeah it's a mustache, but it extended well below the upper lip, which definitely muddied the waters of the rule.

Pat is an 86% signer, which is solid for a recent player so I figured it was a safe bet to send him a TTM request. But I sent these two cards to Pat in two different requests. Here's the reason...

I sent this 2001 Topps Limited in October 2009 to an address that people had been having success with for a long time, but shortly after I sent it, people began sending to a different address for Pat. So how did I get it signed? Stick with me and I'll get to that part.

In February 2010, I sent this 2002 Fleer card to Pat's new address. I got the card back in 8 days. It was personalized as I like and I was happy. 

But then, right before Christmas 2010, I got the first card back, also signed and personalized after 441 days. But something wasn't right. Take a second to compare the signatures. They aren't very similar at all. The '02 Fleer is signed Patrick, and after doing some research, I wasn't able to find a single other example of his signature that was signed Patrick. Most of the other examples closely resemble his autograph on the '01 Topps Limited. So it's possible the other address was a different Pat Hentgen, but both addresses are in Michigan only a seven minute drive apart so it seems unlikely. Regardless, I'm pretty sure that Pat didn't sign the '02 Fleer. 

What do you all think? Does anyone else have Pat's signature, maybe an in-person sig, for comparison?


Anonymous said...

The two cards do seem like they were signed in different hands, but I wonder if the difference might be because of space constraints?

- Paul

Orioles Magic said...

I thought about that, but couldn't find any other examples of his signing Patrick, even or 8x10s or other large items.

Billy said...

There's a link to my TTM Hentgens. Both match the top autograph too. I'm not sure if I logged what address I used or not.