Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Who's Happy That Baseball's Back?

This guy. As in me. And I guess Erik Bedard might be excited even though I'm pretty sure he's hurt. And I would guess a bunch of you out there are pumped as well.

I literally can never get enough baseball news, games, anything. I love it. And the Orioles first two Spring Training games have been on the radio the past two days. I don't care if the lineups at the end of the game are a bunch of Minor Leaguers who hardly anyone has ever heard of.

Speaking of players you've probably never heard of...

 Eddy's autograph might be the laziest I've seen from a no-name type player. E. R_____? Really?

Jeff M. Robinson, not Jeff D. Robinson. Keep it straight.

 Todd Williams' signature confuses me. I can't make out a single letter nor see his name in there at all.

OK, you've probably heard of Phil. He was an All-Star in 1985. And he was the 1989 cap under helmet champion of baseball.

To celebrate the amazing black/orange uniforms the O's wear during Spring Training, I decided to feature a bunch of orange uniform autographed cards today. I'm too amped up to write anything much. Happy Baseball everyone! 

ST Contest Update- The Tigers continue to lead the pack with a 3-0 record (but look out for the 2-0 O's, Nats & Rockies). The Blue Jays continue to struggle with a 0-4 record.

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