Saturday, March 19, 2011

Orioles Bobblehead of the Week- Nick Markakis

Nick has really become one of the faces of the franchise since he made the O's 25 man roster following Spring Training in 2006. He's been one of the team's most consistent producers, but has largely been surrounded by an underperforming cast, so his peripheral numbers aren't too flashy. He's averaged about 20 HR and a .300 average over his five MLB seasons and is one of the best right fielders in the game. His arm is ridiculous to the point that many teams no longer test him on the basepaths. He was absolutely robbed of a Gold Glove in 2008 when he led the American League in putouts and assists, a fact that was made worse when Adam Jones won the award in 2009. Jones makes some spectacular plays in centerfield but also commonly misreads balls off the bat and uses questionable judgment at times. Don't get me wrong, I'm always happy when an Oriole wins an award, but a Gold Glove should be in Nick's trophy case too.

This bobblehead was given away to the first 25,000 fans on June 19, 2008 prior to a game against the Astros. Nick has a number of other bobbles given away by the O's and their affiliates, but this is his only full size stadium giveaway (SGA) bobble to date. I like the diving catch pose since it features Nick doing what he does best and it's unique. Nick signed an extension that will keep him in Baltimore through at least 2014, so I bet we will see another Kakes bobble someday. 


zman40 said...

That is a good pose. I have a couple of bobbles that have unique poses, but none of them are that cool.

kasliwi said...

It's kind of lame that runners don't test him, though. 1) It's practically an automatic out, and 2) it robs him of assist opportunities, which means his fielding numbers don't look as good on paper. There should be another stat for runner-stays-put-because-outfielder-has-a-cannon. THEN Kakes would win that Gold Glove.

Dodgerbobble said...

Love this bobblehead. I see you have one available for trade. Maybe we can work a deal.

Orioles Magic said...

Thanks Zach, this was a good one, especially for the O's.

Sliwi- I like that idea!

DB- I'd be happy to trade for any bobbles that I don't already have!