Saturday, March 5, 2011

Orioles Bobblehead of the Week- Matt Wieters

I've decided to scuttle my Random Saturday Autograph weekly feature for now. Essentially, all of my autographs are random and the posts didn't seem to garner much attention. So I'm trying something new.

If you've followed this blog for any amount of time, you know that I like to collect bobbleheads from the Orioles and their Minor League affiliates. Or really any baseball bobbleheads for that matter. I would venture a guess and say that I have something like 50 bobbleheads all around my house. They aren't well organized or all in one spot, so I don't have the greatest idea of exactly what bobbleheads I own.

Installing bobblehead shelves near the ceiling around my room has been on my short list of things to do for too long now. I hope to get it done one day to properly display my collection. Hopefully my writing about the collection will whip me into shape about getting that done.

My collection is clearly not as well organized or cataloged as the blogosphere's bobblehead master, the great Dodgerbobble. I'm not trying to step on his toes, and my write-ups and picture just won't compare to what he does, but I hope that you all enjoy them anyway. 

I have to start this feature off with my favorite current Oriole, Matt Wieters. I believe that I have five different bobbleheads of his, as well as a statuette, so I can comfortably say that his bobbles constitute the largest individual contribution to my collection. This bobblehead was given away on Wednesday June 30th 2010 to the first 25,000 fans age 14 & over. The O's played the A's that day and won 9-6. Wiety went 1-4 at the plate and caught the full game, not allowing any stolen bases and calling the right pitches to guide the Birds to victory. 

My favorite thing about the bobblehead is the removable face mask. I had fun moving it all around but think that my preferred position is the standard mask-up look in the top picture. 

Spring Training contest update- The Royals are leading the way at 5-1, followed closely by the 4-1 ORIOLES, while the Rays and Cubs are at the back of the pack at 1-5.


Dodgerbobble said...

Thanks for the compliment. I love reading about bobbleheads from other teams.

This one is awesome! Not only is the removeable mask cool, but the pose is great too.

I know you like getting cards autographed, but do you plan on getting any of the bobbleheads signed?

Can't wait to see the next O's bobblehead.

Orioles Magic said...

Hey man, you're the bobblehead king, no doubt about it.

And thanks, I'm a fan of this one too. Hope to make this a weekly thing, but need to start scanning to keep it up.

I've never got many bobbleheads signed but do have a few that are autographed. I will try to feature one of them for you next week.

They're just too bulky and fragile to carry around on a game to game basis for me.