Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Training Contest Entries Locked In

The deadline for entries was last night, and you all took 28 of the 30 teams. I still need record predictions from Captain Canuck, Johngy, BA Benny, Daniel & Greg Zakwin, so please comment on this entry so that we have everything locked in.

Here are the entries...


Atlanta Braves (35) Captain Canuck
Baltimore Orioles (32) Ryan 20-11 (1 rainout)
Boston Red Sox (35) JoesAutographs 23-12
Cincinnati Reds (33) Zach 22-11
Detroit Tigers (34) FanOfReds 22-12
Florida Marlins (32) The Dimwit 24-10
Houston Astros (35) Johngy
Minnesota Twins (32) dawgbones 24-8
New York Mets (35) Paul 25-10
New York Yankees (32) BA Benny
Philadelphia Phillies (35) Daniel
Pittsburgh Pirates (33) Billy 16-17
St. Louis Cardinals (31) Greg Zakwin
Tampa Bay Rays (32) Mark 21-11
Toronto Blue Jays (31) Me 18-13
Washington Nationals (30) Aaron 18-12


Arizona Diamondbacks (37) unclemoe 16-21
Chicago Cubs (34) Justin 24-10
Chicago White Sox (32) Kalina 22-10
Cleveland Indians (33) night owl 21-12
Colorado Rockies (33) CPD 23-10
Kansas City Royals (32) Alvin 21-11
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (33) The Angels in Order 18-15
Los Angeles Dodgers (37) Jonathan 25-12
Milwaukee Brewers (32) Matthew 22-10
Oakland A's (35) Nathan 23-12
San Diego Padres (31) Rod 20-11
San Francisco Giants (36) Kirk 23-13
Seattle Mariners (32) Mariner1 20-12
Texas Rangers (31) Play at the Plate 19-12

For whatever reason, I couldn't find anyone who thought the Blue Jays or White Sox would have the best Spring Training record, so I took the Blue Jays and Kalina picked up the White Sox. If either of those teams end up with the best record, everyone who entered the contest will win some cards. So you all might want to root for them as well as the team you picked.

Before wrapping this up, I wanted to include an autograph and figured that it was appropriate to feature Nolan Reimold who hit the O's first official HR of Spring Training in his first at-bat against the Pirates in Bradenton today. Mark Reynolds slugged a grand slam while Adam Jones and Randy Winn homered in yesterday's intrasquad game, but those didn't count towards the official spring stats.

Contest Update- The 2-0 Tigers are the best team so far, while the Blue Jays (0-2) bring up the rear. 


Mariner1 said...

I'm curious, how do we score ties since the Mariners had to go and end in a tie today.

Orioles Magic said...

Well, hopefully it won't come down to the records. They will only be needed if two teams are tied for the best record. And I will just see who ends up closest to the actual team's record.