Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Case of the Sundays- Ra-moan Hernandez

Since it's Super Bowl Sunday, I'm guessing that this won't be a huge blog reading day for many people. And if there's ever a post I don't care if anyone sees, this would be it.

Ramon is probably my least favorite Oriole of the past five seasons and that's saying something considering he has to compete with the likes of the awful Russ Ortizes and Victor Zambranos of Oriole-dom. Dude never blocked the plate nor really seemed to be playing very hard. Not the type of "veteran presence" that will promote winning in the clubhouse.

It's appropriate that my autograph of his is bubbled and pretty awful all around. I tried to send him a TTM request to get an upgrade, but couldn't think of anything nice to say. And to think, I was excited when the Orioles signed him. Stupid.

Go Steelers, mainly because this Vikings fan will never support the Packers.


SAinPA said...

Here we go Steelers - Here we go!

Justin McLeod said...

If you tell me you like Brett Favre, so help me... Go Packers!

Orioles Magic said...

Sals-sorry about the Steelers!

Justin- I just like the Vikings and appreciated the irony when Favre came to Minnesota.

Justin McLeod said...

Whew! And, yeah, the irony when he went to Minnesota was great. And Topps even made a base card out of it! Classic.