Tuesday, February 8, 2011



Always the source for your breaking Orioles news, I'm happy to say that the O's signed Vladimir Guerrero to a one year deal last Friday. And I couldn't be more excited; well, maybe if it had happened the first time they tried to sign him back in 2004, but I'm still really jacked up about this move. I literally freaked out when I heard about it. I can't wait to get my Vladdy jersey.

Vlad has long been one of my favorite non-Orioles. I had the pleasure of watching him tear up the AA Eastern League with the Harrisburg Senators back in 1996 and he signed the cards in this post for me at games over the course of that season. My dad tried to dig up a picture of me and Vlad, but he doesn't think we still have them, if we ever did. One thing I still remember is trying to speak with him using some of my middle-school level Spanish since he didn't really speak any English back then. I don't think I made much sense, but I recall that he seemed to appreciate my attempt.

As you might have noticed or already known, I've had Vladdy's name on the left hand sidebar of the site under the "Who We Collect" tab for some time now. I've never made a concentrated effort to collect his cards, but will happily trade for some if anyone has some that they are looking to get rid of.

The addition of Vlad really makes the 2011 Orioles lineup look formidable on paper. Not only will I love watching him hit, and occasionally unload his cannon from the outfield in the few games he might play out there, but he might be the one to push the team over the .500 mark this season for the first time in 13 seasons. I'm a relatively realistic fan, if not slightly too optimistic, so I'm not predicting playoffs, but I think the team can at least go 82-80 this year.


I traded with Josh over at Dodgerbobble to add this cool Angels Silver Slugger bobblehead of Vlad. The pinetar on the helmet is the best part and very accurate.

Whether or not Vlad is the one to push the franchise over the perennial losers hump, I know that I will enjoy seeing a former Oriole-killer in the lineup. In 2009, Vlad literally got a base hit against the O's on a ball that bounced in the dirt before reaching home plate. Literally. He's on pace to be the best bad ball hitter in Orioles history and hasn't even suited up for a game yet. Now if the Birds can add Pujols in 2012...


Dodgerbobble said...

Love this signing.

If the helmet didn't have so much pine tar on it, I'd say get it signed.

BTW, he still doesn't speak English.

SAinPA said...

Our Speaker today was the President of Harrisburg Senators. He hopes that he can get Vlad to come to Harrisburg on a day off to be recognized as a distinguished alumni of the team.

Matthew said...

As I recall, Luke Scott has been known to befriend Spanish-speaking team mates, because he speaks the language fluently. I predict a blossoming friendship and a career year for Luke, thanks to his new swinging mentor.

Orioles Magic said...
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kasliwi said...

I like the way Matthew thinks!

Orioles Magic said...

dodgerbobble- It's good that I've been working on my Espanol in that case!

Sals- That would be a nice reunion.

Matthew- That sounds about right. Good connection!

Sliwi- Me too!