Thursday, March 22, 2012

Orioles Spring Training Autographs- GM, Manager, Coaches, Instructors...

I'm continuing to plow through the Spring Training Autographs I got on my trip a couple weeks ago. I'm nearing the end of them, but have a few more long-ish posts before it's all over. Try to stick with me.

My dad and I saw Dan Duquette sitting in the stands at both games we attended and my dad went over and got me his autograph. I don't particularly collect the autographs of GM's but when it's that easy, I can't say no.

Buck signed for the fans after the first game we attended and I happily upgraded his autograph in my collection to include my preferred personalization. 

I also added Rick Peterson's autograph(s) for my coaches collection, although I'm not sure what his exact title is, I know he is working with pitchers on their mechanics. 

Up next are a few current minor league coaches & instructors who have coached at the MLB level at some point over the years.

Don Werner briefly filled in as one of the many bullpen coaches last season. He made a funny comment about the inset photo in this card making it look like he had a mustache, something he claims to have never had in his life. 

Gary Allenson was the third base coach fill-in late in the 2010 season after Juan Samuel left the organization. 

Brian Graham currently runs all of the O's minor league operations. He briefly was a Major League coach during the 2000 season. He made a funny comment about my old school card, and I don't think he sees too many of these anymore. 

Up next are a few former Orioles players who are currently coaches or instructors. Neither seemed to particularly be in the mood to sign but stopped nonetheless. 

 And a few guys who never played for the Orioles...

Ron Johnson is the new Tides manager and looked shocked when I asked him to sign. His cards are few and far between and he seemed genuinely pleased be asked to sign.

I don't know what Jesus's current title is but he's been around the organization for years. Both of these cards are at least five years old.

And, finally, Milt May is some sort of Spring Training instructor at the minor league camp. I saw him there last year but didn't have any of his cards, so I made up for it by getting these three gems signed this time. 


Martyn said...

wonderful collection.

That picture of the stadium signed is awesome,
they should have a manager, stadium, mascot & logo in every set!

Ryan H said...

Nice 'graphs! It's kind of sad that Topps didn't use a newer picture of Camden Yards. Notice there is no Hilton obscuring the clock and the scoreboards aren't the upgraded versions.

myob training sydney said...

Sports is best way to get relaxation. You share such nice pix of training autographs. I like this all images so much with stadium.

Orioles Magic said...

Thanks Martyn, and I agree about that!

Ryan-Good call, I didn't even think to look at that, but maybe the one in this year's team set will show them.