Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Training Autographs- Roster Long Shots

Today's autograph all feature guys who are/were with the Orioles in Major League camp but are long-shots to make the trip north with the Orioles at the end of the month. 

Oscar's had a very up and down Spring, with some very good games and a few ugly appearances. 

Tolleson and Antonelli have both been solid for most of the spring but are likely left out due to Ryan Flaherty's advantage of being a Rule 5 guy. 

O'Day has been struggling with a groin injury which could earn him a ticket to the DL. 

The next four guys were extreme long-shots to make the team and would have needed to do something ridiculous to start the season with the Orioles. They should all provide depth at AA & AAA and a few could make their way to Baltimore at some point during the season. 



Justin McLeod said...

I LOVE that O'Day!

Orioles Magic said...

Thanks, the autograph does really look great with the card.

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