Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Training Autographs- Non-Prospects

Here are (almost) the rest of the autographs I got on my spring training trip. Most of these guys are off-season minor league free agent signings or from the lower levels of the minor league system. I don't mean any offense by labeling them non-prospects, but I don't think you would find many people that would include them among the organization's top talent. 

Travis is the son of Orioles' pitching coach, Rick Adair. I'm sure that was at least part of the reason he came here this past off-season. 

Thanks for these Aldridge cards, Paul! I especially like your '88 Donruss inspired creation!

Actually- I have heard David Baker's name included in O's top 30 prospects, so maybe he should have been in yesterday's post. Oh well.

The O's signed Josh Banks, who is a local Baltimore guy, about a week before my trip. 

I had purchased this Greg Burke card online and it arrived the day before I left for the trip. I'm glad it did!

My dad and I were standing with another gentlemen who was from Illinois, where Adam apparently had gone to college, and the guy told us a lot about Adam and the Illinois baseball team. He mentioned that the O's made a mistake in letting Kyle Hudson, another Illini Alumni, get away.

I kept just missing Allan as he walked past; it must have happened two or three times. As you fellow graphers know, that can be quite frustrating, but at least I finally got my card signed.

Yoshihiro Doi has one of the more enjoyable names to say that I've ever come across. It just brings a smile to my face to say it. Go ahead, you try. And Yoshihiro was happy to see this old card of his.

FYI-Casey Fossum does NOT look like this anymore. His hair is pretty long and really sticks out around his cap. It was an interesting look, and I barely recognized him.

Chris George was nice enough to sign for me after throwing a quick bullpen session following one of the O's games at Ed Smith Stadium.

Kyle Hoppy, your name makes me think of beer.

Riley Hornback would be a pretty solid name for a dragon, if they existed. Sidenote-my dog's name is Riley.

Antoan Richardson is a pretty intriguing signing, and will provide some improved depth at AAA.

It was hard to recognize Wynston Sawyer since this is the only picture I had of him. Luckily, they have these things called uniform numbers that also help with identifying players.

Scott Thomas seemed pleasantly surprised that I had a card of his, but he didn't know that I come prepared.

Chris Tremblay seemed like a pretty nice guy, and he will likely start the season with Frederick or Bowie. Neither team has a logo nearly as awesome as the Lake Elsinore Storm.

Aaron Wirsch's autograph doesn't consist of much, which is a surprise for such a young player.

Ross Wolf is back in the organization, and he did not seem too excited about signing when I asked. But at least he did it.


Justin McLeod said...

I've been looking for a Fossum auto for years... willing to trade one?

Orioles Magic said...

Sure, probably the Dbacks one.