Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Training Autograph Breakdown

I mentioned yesterday that I had gone down to Spring Training for a few days this week. While I still ahven't had a chance to scan everything, here's the breakdown on my autograph haul:

3/6- Ed Smith Stadium off day

Nolan Reimold 2/2
Michael Ohlman 2/2
Brian Roberts 2/2


Twin Lakes (minor leaguers) morning

Winston Abreu 1/1 didn't want to sign
Travis Adair 1/1
Jesus Alfaro 2/2 very nice 
Gary Allenson 2/2
Josh Banks 2/2
Zach Booker 2/2
Parker Bridwell 2/2
Adam Davis 1/1 nice dude
Glynn Davis 2/2
Yoshihiro Doi 1/1 cool guy
Peter Fatse 1/1
Casey Fossum 2/2
Brian Graham 1/1 commented on old card
Matt Hobgood 1/1
Riley Hornback 2/2
Dan Klein 2/2
Milt May 3/3 didn't seem thrilled
Ryan Minor 1/1 always friendly
Rick Peterson 2/2
Antoan Richardson 1/1
Carlos Rojas 1/1
Wynston Sawyer 1/1
Dave Schmidt 1/1
Scott Thomas 1/1
Chris Tremblay 2/2
Don Werner 1/1 commented on old card
Aaron Wirsch 1/1

Inside Ed Smith stadium- O's game

Rick Adair 1/1 for my buddy Zach
Ryan Adams 1/1
Brady Anderson 1/1
Xavier Avery 1/2 will only sign one, very tough, & worst signature on team literally X, v--
Josh Bell 2/2
Wilson Betemit 2/2
Dylan Bundy 1/1
Endy Chavez 1/1
Chris Davis 1/1
Dan Duquette 1/1
Chris George 2/2
Mike Griffin 1/1 tough
J.J. Hardy 1/1
Adam Jones 1/1
Manny Machado 1/2 only doing one per but sig is better than it was last year
Joe Mahoney 1/1
Buck Showalter 1/1

Outside after game

Rick Adair 1/1
Matt Antonelli 2/2
Xavier Avery 1/1 eyed me down, but signed
Luis Ayala 1/1
Scott Beerer 1/1 really nice
Ryan Flaherty 3/3
John Hester 2/2
Ron Johnson 1/1 was surprised I had a card of his
Steve Johnson 2/2 always cool
Caleb Joseph 2/2
Wayne Kirby 1/1
Matt Lindstrom 2/2
John Russell 1/1
Steve Tolleson 2/2
Oscar Villarreal 2/2


Ed Smith Stadium morning

Darren O'Day 2/2
Chris Tillman 2/2

Twin Lakes

Tim Adleman 2/2, friendliest guy of any of them
Cory Aldridge 2/2
Aaron Baker 1/1
David Baker 1/1
Ryan Berry 2/2
Greg Burke 2/2
Blake Davis 2/2
Allan de San Miguel 1/1
Jason Esposito 3/3
Chris Hoiles 5/5
Kyle Hoppy 1/1
Dan Klein 1/1
Brad Komminsk 1/1, didn't seem happy
Wynn Pelzer 1/1
Jonathan Schoop 3/3 very, very cool for a top prospect, he's the anti-Machado
Kipp Schutz 1/1
Brandon Waring 1/1
Ross Wolf 1/1

Inside Ed Smith stadium
Nick Johnson 1/1
Jon Link 1/1
Manny Machado 1/1
Roger McDowell 1/1
Troy Patton 1/1
Stu Pomeranz 2/2
Miguel Socolovich 1/1

Outside after game
Alan Mills 2/2
Pat Neshek 2/2, very excited to have one of the best signers in the game around the O's
Tsuyoshi Wada 2/2

I got almost everyone on the team that I needed, and saw almost everyone on the roster signing at one point.  I couldn't have done this all without the help of my dad, so thanks dude!

Scans are coming up, hopefully by tomorrow.


RyanW said...

That's surprising on Avery. When he was in the minors, I handed him 1 and he signed no problem. Saw I had a stack of about 10 more and took them out of my hands and signed them all no problem. Unfortunate that he changed like that.

Ryan H said...

Great Haul! One of these years I'd love to make it down to ST.

Orioles Magic said...

RyanW- Maybe I caught him at a bad time, but seemed to be doing only one per for everyone.

Ryan H- Thanks man, it's so much fun and I always look forward to it!