Friday, July 17, 2009

But the Keys Lost 2/2

Here are the rest of the autographs I got at Friday's Keys game:

The cards on the left and right are very similar but Nate switched in up in the 06 Ironbirds card in the middle.

Here Ryan Rodriguez makes another appearance. These cards are proof of his brief time in Bowie but he is back in Frederick, where he probably belongs.

Kennie Steenstra is the Keys' pitching coach and has been for the past two seasons. Somehow I never got his autograph before and had been toting this card around for 1.5 seasons. He is normally in a rush to get to the field to work with his pitchers. Come on Kennie, what's more important, signing an auto for me or making your pitchers better?

Bobby Stevens is fielding in this picture. I don't know much about him and have no insight to share. Sorry for the poor effort here.

Jake Stevens was drafted by the Braves in the 3rd round of the 2003 draft. This is his first season in the O's organization and he did not pitch at all last season after being released by the Braves, so he is trying to make a comeback this year. I really like the card on the right for some reason; it's like he is mesmerized by the baseball.

Brandon Waring was traded to the Orioles this past offseason along with Ryan Freel and Justin Turner from the Reds in exchange for Ramon Hernandez. There haven't been many Orioles that I don't like but I would've been happy to trade Ramon for his weight in excrement. He played such uninspiring baseball that it brought down everyone around him. Freel was a bust but hopefully Brandon and Justin will help out the Birds for years to come. Brandon hit a HR in the game and he plays a position that will likely be open in Baltimore starting next year.

Robbie was named the O's minor league player of the month for June. This was my first time seeing him and he seemed a little cocky. It was a snap judgment so I hope I'm wrong but who knows. I will get back about this next time I see him play.

Rick started Friday's game and was a little shaky. He was drafted in the 6th round of the 2008 draft and has already jumped from Aberdeen to Frederick in just over a year so I would expect some growing pains. And check out that crazy leg kick!


kasliwi said...

I like how Nery signed his auto with the number that corresponded to the uniform he was wearing. The Keys auto has his Frederick 48 and both Aberdeen cards have the 35 he wore for the I-birds. Also, I think Waring homered in the gamer before this, too. Homers in back-to-back games always helps with fan appeal.

Orioles Magic said...

Good call, I thought I noticed something different but got lazy and didn't blow up the picture to look.