Thursday, July 16, 2009

So I went to a Keys Game Pt. 1

Last Friday, as a somewhat last minute decision, Kalina and I went to a Keys game, only our third of the season. We are both a little disappointed in that number and have resolved to make it to at least two more games this season.

It was a team set giveaway night and with the addition of the team set's they are selling and the assorted Keys' player cards I already had, it was destined to be a big night for autographs. And I was not let down; due to the large amount of autos I was able to get, I am splitting them into two posts.

While I am a big fan of Ryan Adam's Bowman Heritage card there on the right, I was not a fan of his defense in this game. He committed 2 errors in one inning on back-to-back chances.

Matt shows off the 2009 team set card on the left and the 2009 team set giveaway card on the right.

Pedro Beato was nice enough to take a picture with me and signed multiple cards too. I'm hoping that one day he will live up to his supplemental first round draft selection in 2006 I believe. He has been in Frederick for at least the past 2 seasons.

Kraig's signature is kind of all over the place isn't it?

Brett was shipped to Delmarva a few days after we saw him pitch in Frederick. When he came in I said to Kalina "this guy pitches like Ryan Rodriguez." That doesn't bode well for Brett.

Zach is a pretty highly regarded prospect that I have yet to see pitch.

Dave Cash signed for me once again. Last time he did that, he had the game winning hit. This time, he did not play.

Not much to say about Wally.

Last time I saw Pat, he was in Bowie. He is extremely tall (listed at 6'8'').

Joe signed for me after the game, which was nice.

Ped-Flo! I think he has the same walkup song as Melmo too.

Sean Gleason is another guy who I last saw in Bowie. These are from the Bowie team set that he hadn't yet seen so he took the time to turn it over and check his stats on the back, which he says were wrong. I offered one of these to him but he had already signed them and said he would get one from someone else.

Caleb Joseph is a really good catching prospect who might be blocked by Wieters one day but seems like a really cool guy. Oh, and he also has a blog about his experiences in baseball. It's very readable and has some cool insights that most fans wouldn't know about.

Billy caught Friday's game and seemed to work pretty well with Rick Zagone.


The Mojo Hand said...

Nice page man! As far as the Wieters goes Im looking for a Tim Lincecum 07 Chrome auto of equal value.



Orioles Magic said...

Thanks, I appreciate it. And I'm afraid that I don't have a Lincecum auto or probably anything close that value. I'm just a big Wieters fan and didn't realize how rare that card was when I said I was interested, but thanks for getting back to me about it.