Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cla "the Claw" Meredith debuts

Submariner Cla Meredith made his Orioles debut today in the 7th inning of the Orioles loss against the Yankees, after being traded from the Padres for Oscar Salazar earlier this week. He didn't start out very well by hitting the first batter he faced, Brett Gardner, on an 0-2 pitch, but followed that by allowing Gardner to steal second base, striking out Dork Jeter, allowing a single to Johnny Damon and then inducing a double play by Mark "traitor" Teixeira. No harm, no foul I guess. 9 of is 12 Chad Bradford-esque pitches were strikes.

I don't yet have Cla's autograph but hope to sometime soon. I have one, unsigned card of his, an 08 Topps Updates & Highlights card, but don't have a scan of that. So here a disturbing picture I found online (link shows other cross-dressed baseball players on MLB Red Sox blog), that is from Cla's rookie season with the Red Sox. Ballplayers have some strange ways of hazing their poor rookies.
I'm guessing that Cla is supposed to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz


Tom said...

You should print out that picture and have him sign it.

sittingstill said...

For what it's worth, this is actually from Cla's first season with the Padres. While I am a Red Sox fan, I tend to follow Sox players (especially from the farm) when they get traded. I'm glad to have him back in the AL East, so I can take more photos of him in uniform!

Orioles Magic said...

Tom, c'mon on, I don't want the guy to punch me. He looks unhappy enough in the picture. But seriously, that would be hilarious.

And thanks, sittingstill. After further review of that link, you are definitely correct. I notice that Josh Barfield is the next rookie being hazed and he never played for the Sawx. I also continue to follow former Orioles once they are gone; too bad most of them are in the minors somewhere.