Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Catching up on TTMs

Since I have recently joined SportsCollectors.net , an excellent site for autograph collectors, I got a lot of leads on former O's who are good at signing TTM. And this has lead to an unprecedented success rate and a lot of cards coming in to my mailbox. It's awesome because it always makes my day a little bit better when I have an autograph waiting for me at home. Also, I request the autographs to be personalized to me so the guys know that I'm not trying to sell what I get from them.

Here are some of the guys who I have got my cards back from in the past few weeks:

Don Baylor 1970-75

Don had a long and accomplished career, highlighted by his 1979 AL MVP season in which he led the league in runs and RBI. He played for the O's at the beginning of his 19 year Major League career and is the only Major League player to appear in three consecutive World Series with three different teams, the '86 Red Sox, '87 Twins and '88 A's. Don played mainly in the outfield in his early years but eventually became a full-time DH and won 3 Silver Slugger awards while leading the leagues in times hit by a pitch 8 times. I can't imagine getting hit by a baseball 267 times as Don did, I bet he got some good bruises over the years.

After his playing days were over he managed the Rockies for the first six years of their existence from 1993-98 and was also the manager for the Cubbies from 2000-2002.

Dan Graham 1980-81

Dan was the O's backup catcher for two seasons who showed decent pop by hitting 15 HRs in 1980. He only played in 1 or 2 games for the Twins in 1979 before coming to the O's for Tom Chism that off season. He never again played in the Majors after 1981 for some reason.

Jim Lehew 1961-62

Jim was a submarining reliever who pitched in 8 games for the Orioles between September '61 and May of '62. It's interesting that he personalized the card along the left hand side and signed it at the bottom.

Ken Lehman 1957-58

What you say this card isn't signed? The hell it's not! It's signed (and personalized) on the back.
At first this made me a little mad but then I got over it. Most guys don't like to sign over their face and since he was using a pen, his signature wouldn't have really shown up on the front. And he did take the time to sign this and return it to me so I have no cause to be mad at Ken. He pitched in 61 games, primarily as a reliever, over the course of almost two full seasons for the Birds.

John Morris 1968

John was traded to the Orioles from the Phillies as a PTBNL (player to be named later) for Dick Hall in a trade that went down in December of 1967. He was a reliever who had a good 1968 for the O's, going 2-0 with a 2.56 ERA in 19 games. And I like the "Never Give Up" inscription; it's inspiring and original.

John Papa 1961-62

John pitched in only 3 games for the O's and gave up 5 ER in only 2 innings to finish his career with a 22.50 ERA. But Kalina likes his name and he signs TTM so he is cool with me. Also, if you Google him, the suggestions quickly get to Papa John's pizza. Mmmm pizza.

Carl Warwick 1965

Carl played 9 games for the '65 Birds but failed to record a hit in 9 games, going 0-17 at the plate before being traded to the Cubs for Vic Roznovsky. He was on the 1964 Cardinals World Series championship team.


Tom said...

I also ask that the cards be personalized. It means more to me plus they know you're not trying to make a buck off them by selling the cards on eBay. On the other hand it makes trading difficult (not that I care one way or the other).

Nice Warwick card, by the way. He signed a '64 Topps for me last month on a Colt .45s card that I had sent TTM.

Orioles Magic said...

Tom, I totally agree that it always makes the cards more valuable to me but less so in a trade when they personalize them.

And thanks for the comment about the Warwick card. It's always good to know that these guys do sign TTM.