Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Theory about Felix Pie's surprising improvement

While it may be reported that Felix Pie's improvement at the plate has to do with the excellent tutelage of Crow (Terry Crowley) I have a different idea about why he had an Omazing game last night.
Sidebar-And I can't continue on without giving major props to the O's. They all showed some real heart last night in the franchise's largest comeback in their 55 year history. The O's were down 10-1 and came back to beat the Red Sox 11-10. It was awesome to see but I just wish I had been there.

Back to P-yay, who came in to replace an injured Adam Jones in the top of the third inning of last night's game. The Orioles were already down 4-0 and had been held scoreless by the Red Sox pitching staff for the previous 17 consecutive innings, dating back to the April 20th Patriot's Day game in Boston. So what did Felix do during his first at-bat of last night's game? Oh, he just lined a triple to right field that scored Robert Andino from first base! The O's broke the nasty scoreless streak and I think this was the first domino in a long line to fall against the Sawx last night. Felix finished the night 2-4 with 2 RBI and has started today's game 1-1 with another RBI. He is absolved for being thrown out at second base while trying to stretch the single into a double because of last night's performance.

Oscar Salazar's 3 run HR in the 7th might have had a greater impact on the final score, but it was Felix the Cat (Luuuke's nickname for P-yay) that showed the O's that they could still scored against the Evil Empire. And yes, that title is now shared for the O's two hated AL East rivals.

Ok, so by now, you are probably wondering what my theory is regarding Felix's sudden turnaround. Well, Felix was scheduled to appear at the York Galleria Mall yesterday from noon-1pm. York is approximately 45 minutes North of Baltimore for those of you who aren't familiar with the area.
Now, as you can imagine, it would be hard for many O's fans to make it to a signing that occurs 45 minutes from the core of the fan base. I went to college in York and the baseball fans are probably 50/50 Orioles and Phillies. So the Orioles decided to take one of the last guys on the roster 45 minutes away from most of his potential fans at lunch time on a Tuesday. Needless to say, there was not a good turnout.

Luckily for me, Kalina teaches summer school and was able to go for my sake, hence these two nice autographs. But she reported to me that Felix did not seemed pleased about the few people that seemed interested in meeting him or getting his autograph. That has to bruise the ego of a Major League player. So I think a fire was lit in P-yay and he decided that he was going to live up to his potential and dominate in last night's game. Hopefully that fire will continue to burn and he will step it up for the rest of the season.

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