Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TTMs from the past week

I figured that I would start out sharing the cards that have come back to me through the mail while I was gone. Pol gave me the heads up that all of these guys were signing TTM, so again I have him to thank for some new autographs. None of these guys are very big names but I was very excited to get all of their autographs to add to my collection as I continue to watch it grow!

Dave Criscione 1977

I need to lead off with Dave because not only did he sign and return this card to me in under a week but he added this very nice note.
This is the first note I have got back from one of the guys I sent a request too. It's very nice that Dave took the time to write this good luck message to me. Dave only played in 7 games for the Orioles but hit a game-winning HR in one of those games and finished his career batting .333. I would certainly say that he made the most of his brief time with the O's!

Larry Brown 1973

Larry sent this back to me in about 10 days.

Mike Dimmel 1977-78
He returned this in 6 days.

Wayne Causey 1955-57

Wayne got this card back to me in 11 days.

It's always a thrill to me to come home from work and open up the mailbox to find a TTM envelope in there. It immediately makes my day better and always puts a smile on my face. Thanks to all of these guys.


zman40 said...

The Criscione note is very cool. In all of my time TTMing, I have only got one personalized note. And that was from Barry Zito.

Orioles Magic said...

Wow, that's a pretty cool player to get a personalized note from. Zito is slightly more famous than Dave C.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a nice week.