Friday, June 19, 2009

An Omazing Win & TTMs

I was luckily at last night's O's game and it was definitely the best game I have seen all year. Jason Berken had a good start, striking out 8 over 6.2 innings. And how about that comeback by the O's in the bottom of the ninth! That's what I'm talking about!!! K-Rod, you don't scare the Orioles (who have now taken 2 of 3 from the Braves and Mets, something I hope the team can continue against the Phils & Marlins).

I had to get that out of my system. But that's all I'm going to say about the game. I do need to add that although there were a lot of Mets fans at the game, they seem to be pretty cool people. I had the chance to talk to a few folks who had come from NY or NJ to check out OPACY and, coming from someone who thinks a majority of the Yankees & Red Sox fans that come to the Yard are by and large obnoxious to the O's fans, I enjoyed having them in Baltimore. They seemed knowledgeable and cheered for their team without jeering the hometown contingent. I think some AL East teams' fans could learn a lesson from you Mets fans.

Now onto the reason you read this blog, Orioles Autographs!

It was a great TTM week for me as I got three cards back, Gil Coan, Larry Harlow, & Esteban Yan. I have to thank Pol for the Gil Coan tip, along with the many other good TTM signing former Orioles he updates me with almost daily. I hope to get another batch sent out this weekend before I head on vacation next week.

Gil Coan 1954-55

You may think that I scanned this card improperly but you would be wrong. I intentionally scanned it like this to better show his signature & inscription. "Sincere Best Wishes" makes Gil seem like a very nice guy to me, along with the fact that I got this card back less than a week after I sent it.
Wikipedia tells me that Gil was The Sporting News Minor League Player of the Year in 1945 when he played for the Chattanooga Lookouts and in 1947 had 21 hits in 42 ABs for a .500 batting average. This is the highest BA for any player who had 30 or more at-bats in a major league season, setting a record, that Rudy Pemberton has since matched. That's pretty impressive stuff.
Gil later started an insurance company in Brevard, NC that his family still runs today. I would check it out if you need insurance in western North Carolina, Gil seems like he would be very fair to deal with.

Larry Harlow 1975, 77-79

Um, Larry was an every day player for the O's during the 1978 season. He also played for the Angels & in Japan during his career. There is another, more famous Larry Harlow who seems to be an Afro-Cuban salsa pianist.

Esteban Yan 1996-97

Esteban Yan appeared in 7 games for the O's during the 96-97 seasons and went 0-1 with 10.89 ERA. He didn't have an Orioles card from that time but was back in the organization for the beginning of 2008 and made it in the Tides team set. The O's cut him loose mid-season and he finished the year playing in Korea for the SK Wyverns.
He signed in about a week from the address of his current team, the Atlantic League's Bridgeport Bluefish.
Esteban is probably best remembered, by me at least, for being referenced in the Simpson's Episode "C.E. D'oh". Bart & Milhouse are making fun of baseball (specifically the Devil Rays & Expos) and Milhouse says that he is Esteban Yan while Bart is Tomokazu Ohka.

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Anonymous said...

I did not enjoy last night's game nearly as much as you did. ;) I had thought about coming down to Baltimore for one of these games... I guess it's better that I didn't.

Congratulations on the TTM successes. I'll have to put my Esteban Yan card in the mail if I don't see him to get it signed in person next weekend.