Thursday, June 11, 2009

An awesome package from Pol brought to me by Yahoo

I don't know how many of you autograph collectors in the blogosphere are aware of this but there is a Yahoo group in existence for us. Through this group I have met a few fellow Orioles autograph collectors with similar interests but some different autographs to help me out.

Pol is the first person that got in contact with me through this group and has already been able to add to my collection. I have put together a package of cards to send to Pol by the weekend to return his kindness but if anyone else can help him, he collects autographs of Mets & Nats players and on '86 Topps & '91 Score cards. Thank you so much Pol!

Here is what Pol sent me:

Jay Aldrich 1990

Mike Anderson 1978

Ed Barnowski 1965-66

Neil Berry 1954

Fred Besana 1956

Art Ceccarelli 1957

Fritz Connally 1985

Butch Davis 1988-89

Ike DeLock 1963

Chuck Diering 1954-56

Bill Dillman 1967

Dave Ford 1978-81

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Collective Troll said...

Wow, those are some cool looking cards... who would have though that ike delock had a card?