Friday, July 31, 2009

Farewell Flat Breezy

I have to address something awful that occurred yesterday. Kalina's favorite Oriole (well, he was at least tied with Nolan Reimold), George "Brim Reaper/Flat Breezy/Peril" Sherrill was traded to the Dodgers for a few prospects.

Now, I am smart enough to know that this current Orioles roster isn't going to win anything and that the organization has been building to compete next year and beyond, it is still hard to lose such a popular player. He was a awesome competitor who had ice water running in his veins. He was the type of guy who craved the ball in the 9th inning, specifically with a one-run lead on the road. He loved the pressure.

The game that epitomizes Sherrill's reign in Baltimore was against the Cubs in Chicago last season. The O's had a one- or two-run lead and brought in the Brim Reaper to close the game, but he walked the bases loaded. However, he then promptly struck out the side to finish off the win. His saves, especially last season, were like a high-wire act but he got the job done more often than not.

My favorite memory of George was being at the first home game after the All-Star break last season when the Orioles congratulated George for his three-inning stellar performance in the 2008 All-Star game.

Goodbye George and good luck in LA. While you seem to be more of a country guy than a city boy, I hope things go well for you and that you win a World Series. We will see you in Washington at a Nats game September 22-24.

Bye bye Brim Reaper.

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