Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some random things

Here are some cards I got over the past few days.

This sweet Markakis auto came to me recently in a trade with a fellow Ryan. I love Heritage/old school style cards and it's a cool closeup of Nick from a few years back. This is only my second autograph of Kakes and the first one on a solo card. My previous auto was on a Topps Prospects card with Adam "traitor" Loewen, so this is a major upgrade.

I went to the Keys game on Saturday (partially for the Markakis bobblehead giveaway) but did not account for the changed start time due to Friday's rainout. This is the first time this has happened to me as I normally double-check these things before heading out but I luckily still got my bobblehead; a post will be coming on that in a few days.

My late arrival affected my ability to get the Keys' autographs this time around but I was still able to pull a few...

It worked out that Pedro was again tracking the pitches so he was hanging out and signing autos by the Clubhouse while everyone else was warming up. I think this brings my total of Beato autographs up to 10! Anybody need one?

Wally was a member of the Georgia Tech baseball team along with Matt Wieters and was drafted in the 12th round of the '07 draft.

I love this action shot of Richie; now that's how you coach third base while managing your squad!
He was once again thrilled to sign for me, but at least he did.

Dave Schmidt 1987-89

Here is the wild card autograph I got at the Key's game; Schmidt is the Orioles minor league roving pitching instructor, who I finally had a card of to get signed when I saw him. You never know when or where these roving instructors will show up, so I was always caught with my pants down in the past. But not this time.

Dave was mainly a reliever over his twelve years in the bigs, but started 49 times for the Orioles between '87-89. He was decent in 1987 & 88 but once the Orioles tried to convert him mostly to a starter in '89, things fell apart. He finished in the bottom ten of AL pitchers in losses, home runs and earned runs allowed.

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