Thursday, July 1, 2010

Autographs from Saturday's 1970 Orioles World Series Championship Celebration

As some of you might know, the Orioles held a team reunion for the 1970 World Series Championship squad at this past Saturday's game . Most of the living members of the team were in attendance and there were three autograph stations set up around the lower concourse. All of the HOFers and other big names didn't sign but were at some sort of Q&A press conference.

With the help of Kalina and my parents, I was able to add the first in-person autographs of Pete Richert, Bobby Floyd, Bobby Grich, Merv Rettemund, Tom Phoebus and Dave Leonhard to my collection.

My dad knows that I like my autographs personalized, so he helped me out with a few of those, including Pete. It was cool to get him to sign a 1970 commemorative card.

Bobby had personalized my TTM request too, and wrote across his face on both. He's clearly not a vain man. Or maybe he's trying to cover up a scar?

Now that is an amazing mustache. Bob was probably the most friendly of all the signers I came across. But he no longer sports the 'stache.

Most of the players were nice, but Merv seemed kind of hot and bothered. Literally hot. Possibly bothered. It's hard to say. He was signing at a furious pace.

Don't have much to say about Tom. He also signed boldly across his face.

The top card is my TTM request that Dave personalized "Keep Smiling"; I think this one says "Best Wishes". He seemed like a cool guy.

I'm willing to trade the rest of these cards if anyone didn't get them and is interested.

I got Don's autograph years ago at another alumni signing of some sort. He was sitting down at his station but looked very short for a former player.

I was pretty excited about this one. The O's Crown set is perforated and I opened a new set for this event. Richert & Rettemund are right next to each other so these cards are still connected.

Another Leonhard. This one not personalized and signed in pen.

An Angels Grich from the cool Ted Williams set. Somehow I didn't have any other Orioles cards of him.

And a couple more Richerts.

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