Thursday, July 22, 2010

TTM Success- Dave Pagan

Dave Pagan pitched in the Major Leagues for 5 seasons with four different teams. He most notably pitched his first 3+ seasons with the Yankees before bouncing around to the Orioles, Mariners & Pirates over his last season and a half in the Bigs.

He pitched in 20 games for the O's, including 5 starts, over the second half of the 1976 season and finished the year with a 1-4 record, 1 save and a 5.98 ERA. The Mariners selected him as the 29th pick in the expansion draft following the '76 season thus ending his four month stint in Baltimore.

The reason that Dave is memorable to me is because he's my lone international TTM success to date. He has lived his whole life in Saskatchewan, Canada, so I was unsure how to get my request to him as Canadian postage is different from US postage.

It was actually pretty easy; I asked another collector what to do and I just needed to include a dollar so Dave wouldn't have to pay for my SASE stamp. He put a Canadian stamp on my envelope, and since the prices of US postage continues to rise, I really didn't lose much in the deal. I would gladly pay $.56 for an autograph any day! If only they were all so easy...

I guess that it doesn't take too long for mail to get to Canada since Dave signed and returned this to me in only 22 days. Thanks Dave!


zman40 said...

Nice work on the Canadian TTM and I'm glad the dollar trick worked.

SAinPA said...

Not Bad at all. My Welchel took 445 days,

Orioles Magic said...

Thanks Z, it's nice of Dave to be willing to buy his own postage to return cards. I'm sure many former players would not do that, even if they were coming out a few bucks ahead in the end.

Sals- and the Welchel didn't even have to leave the country!