Monday, July 19, 2010

Fernando Lunar

Don't have too much time today, so here's a guy I don't have much to say about.

Fernando caught 75 games for the Orioles between 2000-02, 64 of them coming over the '01 season. He hit .235 with 7 doubles and 17 RBI.

He is probably best remembered around Birdland as being one of the players the Orioles received from the Braves in the very unpopular and unexpected 2000 trade deadline transaction that sent B.J. Surhoff to Atlanta. I recall hearing that B.J. was very emotional when he learned about the trade. Not that Fernando really had anything to do with it, but he didn't do too much else notable for the O's.


Anonymous said...

I remember Fernando Lunar from the time he spent with the Somerset Patriots a few years ago. Very good defensive catcher, but his bat probably kept him from having a longer big league career.

kasliwi said...

It's a good-looking card, though. And I like the vertical auto...makes it a little unique.

Orioles Magic said...

Paul- I saw that Fernando spent some time in the Atlantic League. I actually just caught my first York Revolution game on Sunday.

Sliwi-I looked up some of his other autographs and it looks like he frequently signs that way. It is cool and unique!