Thursday, July 8, 2010

Orioles Game Autographs

I'm proud to report that the Orioles most recent prospect call-ups are both good signers.

Awesome orange uni Jake autograph.

I was worried that Bell might be the type to stop signing once he hit Baltimore, but that's not the case, yet anyway. This picture was taken prior to all of the tattoos on his arms. And I just found that he has 2 Orioles cards in the 2010 Bowman set, including a solo card in the Topps 100 set, similar to the Arrieta card above, so I need to get him to sign one of those soon.

I showed off my picture with US Soccer Head Coach Bob Bradley last week. Here's the card he signed too.

A sweet Scott Moore orange uni autograph-I'm a fan of how most of the O's Minor League affiliates rock the orange uniforms.

John Shelby doesn't sign too often, but he always seems like a really nice guy when he does.

I've been pleasantly surprised with Miggy's signing habits this season. I wasn't getting autographs when he was in town last time, but he signs more than most superstar/star players.

Jake Fox is another new Orioles player who seems to be a great signer. I temporarily ran out of his cards, so had him sign this team card. I re-upped and now have a couple cards for him to sign if I can get him again.

This Jeff Datz auto turned out better than the one I got a few weeks ago. The J on that previous autograph was very faded. Stupid sharpie.

Cesar Izturis is signing more this season than he did last year. Good for you Cesar! The 08 Topps was signed for Moe, who will be getting another package at the end of this season.


Autograph Project said...

Where does Josh Bell sign usually?

zman40 said...

Looks like you have been doing pretty good this summer. Did John Shelby say anything about his signature smudging on those Crown cards?

I can't belive how much Miggy's signature has changed since I got it in 2002. He has shortened it up quite a bit. But, at least he is signing more now.

PaulW said...

I'm insanely jealous of that Arrieta card. I've tried 4 or 5 times, but I cannot seem to get him at all. That's probably one of my favorite cards on any Oriole.

night owl said...

if you have an extra Bell Bowman 2005 card or an extra of that Jeff Datz card, I'd love to have them. No need for it to be autographed. I'm a simply guy.

Contrary Guy said...

Jeff Datz handed my boy a baseball Tuesday. I like him now.

Orioles Magic said...

Nice work. Datz a good man right there.