Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finally Knocked Bako Off My List

After years of searching for a Paul Bako signed Orioles card, I now have one in my collection. The signature won't win any awards for the caliber of sharpie used, nor penmanship, but at this point, I'm just thrilled to scratch Paul's name off of my list.

I had just profiled Paul as Oriole #797 back in December. I now have an Orioles signed 8x10 and a signed certified authentic Old Judge card of him for trade if anyone needs them.

It's always interesting to me which players I have had trouble with; there seems to be an eclectic combination of more recent players with just one, or maybe a few different Orioles cards, many of which were issued after the player had already left town, as well as some long-deceased types who are difficult because they haven't signed any autographs for many years. Once I knock a player off of my need list, I typically stop thinking about them, so this is probably the last you will hear about Paul around these parts.

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